Glass Floors

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Glass Floors

Enhance a property in a spectacular fashion with a glass floor. Glass floors can add natural light to your basement, flooring and any areas lacking daylight. Combine glass and timber to enhance the natural beauty of your living space.


Masterglazing offers glazed floor panels in single or double glazed format, for internal or external application to any shape or size. We can apply anti-slip resistance surfaces using various methods and create obscurity using various methods but still allowing light to penetrate the area whilst still displaying a stunning piece of architectural design. Glass floors are still able to offer a fire rating where required. Glass floors can still have acoustic performance and achieve various ā€˜Uā€™ values subject to the glass used within the construction of the floor panel and remember they can be back lit to create that modern look.


The calculations for the glass floors are done by taking the shortest unsupported edge and confirming the thickness required to take the load. For example a floor 1mtr x 1mtr will be no thicker than a floor 1mtr x 6mtrs, just a lot heavier.


Masterglazing offer a bespoke in house service from design to installation.